Have you been to SOOK Mall of Africa? It is an exciting, digitally connected retail space
available for short-term letting. This means the brands that are showcased in this concept
store change all the time. This is your chance to meet the teams and celebs behind your
favourite labels, some of which are only online, and get a real feel of their products. The first
of its kind in Africa, SOOK Mall of Africa aims to transform the retail experience. It is tailored
to a brand’s needs and offers a fully flexible space with a powerful digital platform and a
prime location that ensures all eyes are on the brands utilising the concept space. SOOK
Mall of Africa has become a vibrant hub of innovation.

We chatted with several SA brands that have utilised the space since its launch and discovered many success stories.

Sompire Kids

Last year, South African media personality and television presenter, Somizi Mhlongo, launched an exciting children’s clothing range. He recently showcased his creations at SOOK Mall of Africa. “Sompire Kids is a children’s clothing brand that goes beyond fabrics and materials. It is a bold statement that encourages kids to be themselves,” says Mhlongo, who came up with the idea a few years ago. “I always wanted to be involved in retail and fashion, and knew I needed to do something different that would stand out from the rest, especially locally.” Sompire Kids is an online store, but when SOOK Mall of Africa approached them, the team was given the opportunity to experience what it would be like to have a physical store.

“SOOK Mall of Africa allowed us to test what having an actual store would look and feel like and give customers the chance to touch and see the clothes before they buy.” It is an amazing concept, says Mhlongo. “When we were offered the opportunity to showcase our products, and get a great audience, I thought 100%, we are in. SOOK Mall of Africa gives up-and-coming businesses in the retail industry an opportunity to envision a physical store setup and engage directly with customers.”

Sompire Kids had such a successful sales week at SOOK Mall of Africa, that the brand will soon be opening its first bricks and mortar store in the mall. “We had the highest sales since we launched during our time at SOOK Mall of Africa, where in one week, we made what we usually make in a month. It is definitely because of the foot traffic and the excitement of people wanting to try the brand.” “We are also looking forward to launching our winter range soon and a limited edition line for mothers and fathers, as well as kids. This is all based on the feedback and demand we had at SOOK Mall of Africa.”

Website: | Facebook: @Sompire kids | Instagram: @sompire_kids


GALXBOY, a South African streetwear brand, is deeply intertwined with the vibrant and rebellious youth street culture that thrives in the urban centres of Mzansi. Conceived by Thatiso Dube, who also serves as the head designer, GALXBOY was born in 2008 out of a recognition of the need for a brand that truly speaks to the youth, particularly Millennials and Generation Z. 

This connection to the youth is the driving force behind GALXBOY’s specialisation in the design, manufacturing, and retail of streetwear fashion apparel and accessories.

Choosing SOOK Mall of Africa was easy. “It is an innovative and unique retail concept that offers brands and customers a very 21st century pop-up shopping experience, and GALXBOY wanted to be a part of that experience,” says Travis Carelse, the Marketing Manager at GALXBOY. “The opportunity to be one of the first brands to occupy space at this worldclass shopping destination was simply too good to pass up.”

SOOK Mall of Africa offers a fully customisable digital shopping experience that allows brands to engage with customers in person. The plug-and-play digital screens and signage are always a hit with retailers and visitors, allowing brands to personalise the space.

“As a retailer, all you have to bring is your stock, your point of sale, and digital content for the screens, and you are ready to trade. It truly is a one-of-a-kind experience. Our staff and customers thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the entire process. From a traffic and sales perspective, we had an incredible week and sold over 1,400 unique GALXBOY products while generating over R1 million in sales during our 7-day stay. The fantastic reception inspired us to approach Mall of Africa to open a fulltime GALXBOY store, where we began trading in February 2024.”

Website: | Facebook: @GalXBoy | Instagram: @galxboy_sa | X: @GALXBOY | TikTok: @galxboy_sa | YouTube: @galxboysouthafrica7838 | LinkedIn: galxboy


Mafastela is not just another online eyewear provider; it’s a mission driven venture that crafts stylish, high-quality glasses tailored to every personality and lifestyle. Leandra B. Manjate, Director of Mafastela, shares her personal connection to eyewear and the brand’s mission to redefine the industry. “We offer affordable, beautiful glasses that not only enhance vision but also evoke excitement and confidence in our customers.”

The team behind Mafastela recognised SOOK Mall of Africa’s immense potential as a space to promote their eyewear and educate clients on each product’s unique features and benefits. With its expansive layout and state of- the-art facilities, the space offers a perfect environment to engage with customers and provide them with personalised assistance and guidance.

“We understand that brands must create immersive experiences that resonate with customers on a deeper level. SOOK Mall of Africa stood out for its exceptional ability to bring brands to life, providing a platform to display our products engagingly and interactively. Beyond the retail aspect, SOOK Mall of Africa presented an unparalleled opportunity for us to connect with both our existing clientele and new potential clients. We envisioned the Mall as more than just a shopping destination. In this space, we could cultivate lasting relationships with our customers and nurture a community of loyal supporters.”

Mafastela heard about SOOK Mall of Africa on social media, and its vibrant atmosphere made it an obvious choice for the eyewear brand.

“From the outset, I was captivated by the expansive space and impressive screens. These features perfectly aligned with my vision for Mafastela. Walking through the Mall, I felt an immediate connection to the energy and dynamism that permeated every corner. I instinctively knew this was where the Mafastela pop-up store should be. We saw it as an opportunity to display our stylish and high-quality eyewear and engage with customers in a setting that exudes sophistication and modernity.”

The pop-up store yielded remarkable results in multiple aspects of their business, including a boost in sales and online traffic, exposure to new audiences, insight into consumer preferences, building brand awareness and networking opportunities with influential figures.

“The success of our pop-up store extended beyond sales and brand awareness – it facilitated valuable networking opportunities with influential individuals such as former Miss South Africa, Shudufhadzo Musida, as well as TV presenter Maps Maponyane. Their presence at the store enhanced our credibility. It opened doors to potential collaborations and partnerships that could further propel our brand’s growth. Based on this success, I am more than excited to say that we plan to host three more pop-up events in the near future. Furthermore, following demand after the pop-up, we have since opened a showroom in Dainfern Square.”

Website: | Tel: +27 (0)84 830 0001


AWBRAND&CO is a pop-up concept store designed to feel like home. Launched by the AGENDA WOMEN brand – an online platform for modern working women looking for content and community that will help them navigate the evolving dynamics of working smart and living well – AWBRAND&CO is a vehicle for the community to discover female founders and explore their product offerings. The concept was developed to provide access, visibility, and community for female entrepreneurs looking to showcase their products and services to a broader audience, plus give them access to resources and opportunities, and connect them with other businesses and consumers.

Nomndeni Mdakhi, CEO and founder of AWBRAND&CO had a clear vision. She wanted to showcase her business in a space that allows access to a good mix of audiences ranging from higher LSM to lower LSM. “This was important to consider as the concept was still experimental. We wanted to see who would be drawn to the store. My best friend had worked with the Mall of Africa team and loved them, so she connected me, and so it was part preparation and part opportunity.”

AWBRAND&CO collaborated with 10 female-founded brands in the SOOK Mall of Africa space, including an author, a wine brand, a fashion label, a stationery brand and even a sunglasses brand. “The design of the space and location worked for our vision, and the popup space was a huge success. Our brand is niche, it speaks to a particular segment of customers and not so much the mass market. We needed a space that speaks to the attributes of a brand positioned for accessible luxury whilst being inclusive. Mall of Africa caters to all demographics, but the store’s positioning in the Mall echoes luxury. We were pleasantly surprised by the traffic and sales.

We truly believe we could have hit higher numbers if we could supply the demand. This was a key learning for us. We loved the plasma screens; they were a hit with everyone who came into the store.”

The great news is that AWBRAND&CO loved collaborating with SOOK Mall of Africa so much that they will be back in August and December, so watch this space. “We are so excited to be working with the team again. Due to the experiment’s success, we are also expanding the offering, launching a store online on the 1st of August and popping up worldwide.”

Website: | Email:


Thabooty’s is a South African brand founded by media personality, actor and businesswoman Thando Thabethe. They offer a diverse range of shapewear, lingerie, swimwear, underwear and sleepwear designed to celebrate and empower women of all shapes and sizes.

“Our products are known for their quality, comfort, and stylish designs. Our brand emphasises inclusivity and body positivity to make every woman feel confident and beautiful,” explains Thabethe.

Thabooty’s was invited by SOOK Mall of Africa to collaborate on its launch in South Africa, and for the brand, it was an easy yes. “We chose SOOK Mall of Africa because of its unique, innovative concept and diversity of brands – particularly local brands. There was a spirit of community and collaboration, and it was exciting to be part of a collective retail space that fosters networking opportunities and collaboration with other brands and entrepreneurs.”

SOOK Mall of Africa offers a prominent location for its retailers, attracting a large and diverse consumer base. With high-traffic areas, brand visibility is heightened. It is known for its well equipped retail space and professional infrastructure. The digital screens showcase the brand’s presence and products, enhancing customers’ overall shopping experience.

“Working with SOOK Mall of Africa was a remarkable experience for our brand. The creativity, location, innovative infrastructure, and collaboration with the SOOK Mall of Africa team helped us connect with our target audience in a significant manner,” says Thabethe.

“We received positive feedback from our customers and valuable knowledge. Overall, it was a great opportunity, and we look forward to partnering with SOOK Mall of Africa again in the future.”

Website: | Email: | WhatsApp: 068 549 6070 | Facebook: @thabootys | X: @thabootys


LIFT FIT are passionate about their customers and brand, and always put their customers first by providing the best quality apparel and top notch customer experiences. LIFT FIT is a South African-based Premium Sportswear brand focusing on those serious about improving their

fitness by showing up every day and working on themselves!

CEO and co-founder Jared McCormick is a health and fitness enthusiast, and always wanted to design a brand that is hard-wearing, durable, and sexy, and worn by athletes from all sporting disciplines across the globe. LIFT FIT was launched in 2020 and is based on pure grit, determination, and a single objective: To be the world’s number one and most loved gym wear brand!

The decision for LIFT FIT to host a pop-up at SOOK Mall of Africa was so the brand could connect to their customers in a more personal capacity, bringing their products to life.

“SOOK Mall of Africa offered a place where we could connect with our customers and really show the brand has range,” says Marketing Manager Sune van Tubbergh. “We could create an experience for our customers where they could interact with our staff, touch and feel the quality of the product and really experience LIFT FIT. We definitely plan to use SOOK Mall of Africa again.”

Website: | Tel: 010 446 7682