Waterfall City™

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Waterfall City is at the heart of Waterfall, Gauteng’s newest work, live, play destination. Waterfall City spans 800 000m² mixed-use space and accounts for 60% of the entire Waterfall. The tailor-made 330ha new Waterfall City features everything expected from a vibrant modern city. It embraces integrated, new urban living with retail, offices, homes, hotels, a hospital, parks, dining, entertainment and more.

Waterfall City is more than a city, it’s a truly connected hub, fully-integrated lifestyle and offers a complete work-life package. The design is inspired by the contemporary principles of walkable, energised, mixed-use environments to create a truly first class city.

Waterfall City responds to business needs, meeting specific tenant requirements, creating efficient, tailor-made premises for respected leaders in their own fields of business.

In addition to premium-grade corporate offices, Waterfall City also accommodates tenant-driven low-density office developments, hand-picked to benefit those who come to Waterfall City to work, live, shop, stay and play in the fastest growing urban node in Africa.

Waterfall City Park

The Waterfall City Park is a 1.2 hectare inner-city green zone designed to bring the city’s residents and business people together and provide an area where families and friends can get together and enjoy nature within walking distance of their office or home.

The Waterfall City Park lies to the south of the Mall of Africa, a 131 000m² mall that opened in April 2016 in the heart of the Waterfall City CBD.

The park features large open lawn areas where families can enjoy picnics and is enclosed by lanes of tall trees. A musical and interactive water fountain on the northern edge of the park provides entertainment to children and adults alike with numerous seating areas where business people can enjoy their lunch in the serene environment.

A central stage area provides the infrastructure needed to enable large open air concerts catering for crowds of up to 4 000 people. Food and drink service stations can be provided along the outer edge of the park on either side to ensure that the crowd’s needs are met without the need to enter the mall. The services provided for open air concerts cater for day and night time markets with capacity for 50 stalls

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Mall of Africa

Waterfall City Park

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Interesting landscaping facts

Work completed to date at Maxwell Office Park phase 1 and 2, City Lodge, Magwa Crescent West and Lone Creek drive as well as the stream rehabilitation area.


Number of trees planted


Number of groundcovers planted 


Square metres of lawn planted


Square metres of veld grass sown 


Square metres of paving laid  


Metres of walkways provided 


Metres of cycle lanes provided 


Litterbins installed  



Seats installed 


Cubic metres of mulch installed


Cubic metres of compost worked into soil 


Percent water saving