The Waterfall Park, situated in the heart of Waterfall City adjacent to Mall of Africa was completed to coincide with the opening of the mall (building on Johannesburg’s positioning as one of the largest man-made urban forests in the world). Read more.

  • A wifi interactive choreographed musical fountain. The fountain is a zero level water feature consisting of 157 waterspouts/nozzles and 64 coloured lights.
  • The gardens area is 3 125m² in size and 232 trees are planted here
  • The park is built on top of five basement storeys and has a sunken ablution
  • 5 185m² of grass was planted in the park
  • The park has custom landscape furniture made of concrete, poly-concrete steel and timber
  • Professional lighting design forms part of the landscaping and amenities
  • The park will has three amphitheatres, a staging area, exhibition, market space and recreational spaces