Why Waterfall

Waterfall is a signature mixed-use development located in Gauteng, South Africa’s commercial centre. It features everything you would expect in a vibrant, modern destination. It embraces urban living to the fullest with offices, residential, retail, a logistics hub, schools, hotels, a hospital, parks, restaurants, entertainment and more.

The node is setting new standards in real estate. Committed to six key value drivers – locality, amenities, infrastructure, safety, sustainability and vitality – Waterfall is a place created for people and their work/life requirements, today and well into the future. Meticulously planned as a multi-purpose destination, the precinct is the epitome of peak functionality, access and visibility and is proving a popular consolidation destination. Waterfall is increasingly becoming the hub of consulting and professional firms in Gauteng, perfectly positioned between the metropolises of Johannesburg and Pretoria

Six Value Drivers


Waterfall spans land on both sides of the N1 highway and is defined by excellent accessibility and visibility. Linked by multiple access roads, pedestrian walkways and various modes of public transport, integrated mobility is a reality.


With approx. 980 000 m² GLA available for commercial and light industrial development, Waterfall offers the ability to custom build to specific requirements. Expect benchmark architecture, sophisticated technology as well as space and operational efficiencies.


A green philosophy is embedded in a total holistic urban design. Sustainable building practices ensure every step of Waterfall’s development is efficient, cost-effective and sustainable.


Waterfall connects infrastructure, technology, efficiency, convenience and quality of life, with the full range of integrated facilities to support work/life balance.


Everything from 24-hour patrolled security, and panic buttons every 200m to biometric access control and street lighting on back-up power offers peace of mind.


Designed as a pedestrian-friendly, bikeable city, Waterfall promotes safe movement and healthy living. Interactive public spaces.

Location & Accessibility

The strategic positioning of this flagship development is changing the landscape of Gauteng.

Waterfall land spans both sides of the N1 highway with boundaries that stretch across a broad perspective:

  • Woodmead interchange in the south
  • Buccleuch interchange to the Allandale Interchange in the north
  • Modderfontein in the east
  • Kyalami in the west

Defined by excellent accessibility and visibility, Waterfall is closing the gap between Johannesburg and Pretoria. Its unrivalled location makes it the preferred consolidation destination for leading corporations

Blue Chip Neighbours

Waterfall is increasingly becoming the hub of consulting and professional firms in Gauteng, perfectly positioned between the metropolises of Johannesburg and Pretoria. The number of leading corporations that have already made the move to Waterfall sends a clear message as to its unrivalled location. PwC’s iconic tower is already a landmark in the area and Deloitte is a new addition to the number of leading corporations consolidating their operations in the commercial hub. Premier Foods, Novartis, BMW, Isuzu and Servest are just a few of the top brands who are realising the sustainable benefits of a Waterfall address.

Accredited Buildings in the Precinct

Transnet GBCSA 5 star
Maxwell Office Park – Building 1 GBCSA 5 star
Corporate Campus GBCSA 4 star
Allandale Public Transport GBCSA 5 star
Allandale LEED Gold
Novartis LEED Gold
Gateway West LEED Gold
PwC Tower LEED Silver
The Ingress GBCSA 4 star
Ext.124 LEED Silver
3630 GBCSA 4 star

Optimal Mobility for Commuters

  • Multiple access roads
  • Various modes of public transport
  • Minutes away from Gautrain Midrand station and a dedicated M4 Waterfall City Gautrain bus
  • Single taxi trip between Waterfall City and Greater Tembisa, Midrand CBD, Alexander and JHB CBD
  • Two sheltered, WIFI enabled ‘Taxi Super Stops’ at Mall of Africa accommodating a minimum of 21 minibus taxis
  • Pedestrian walkways and cycle tracks


Green building is the base standard at Waterfall, but the approach reaches beyond pure environmentally sensitive construction. It is embedded in a total holistic urban design, where work and life intersect. In the South African context, with stricter regulations and rising utility costs and constraints, green design can reduce operating costs and mitigate risk.

Attacq’s green philosophy extends across business, operational and environment sustainability.

Location and transportation
Optimal access to a range of public transport and facilities to encourage bicycle use.

Sustainable sites
Various measures to reduce the impact of building construction on the environment.

Water efficiency
Water usage reduction through low flow fittings and effective water metering.

Energy and atmosphere
Integrated design approach to energy efficiency and building optimisation.

Material and resources
Waste management to ensure at least 75% of construction waste is diverted from land fill.

Indoor environmental quality
Prioritisation of fresh air and natural light while ensuring thermal comfort.

Designed to drive innovative building features and sustainable practices and strategies.

Wonderful Waterfall


Working becomes a pleasure in a building designed for people. Creativity rules the day if your surroundings support a connected modern lifestyle. At Waterfall we don’t build buildings for work. We build them for people.


Front and centre of all developments at Waterfall Business Precinct is the people who will be productive here. Work and life intersect in our broad boulevards, ample green belts, parks and amenities. Truly a new city for the demands of modern life. And work. 


Doing business in a relaxed, cool atmosphere enhances creativity. The new Waterfall Business Precinct supports business interaction by offering sublime surroundings, quiet meeting spaces amongst its tranquil urban gardens and modern buildings.


As a modern new urban district, the Waterfall Business Precinct is designed to allow free-flowing traffic through wide boulevards. With large traffic circles and minimal use of traffic lights, getting around Gauteng’s new CBD is quick and efficient.


Reminiscent of the great urban gardens of the modern world, green planning infused all urban design at Waterfall. In Waterfall City a large landscaped urban garden links workspaces and the shopping mecca that is Mall of Africa.


Situated at the intersection of all existing major road arteries in Gauteng, close to the Gautrain high-speed railway network, with new road developments adding additional access points, getting in and out of Gauteng’s CBD comes without hassle and stress. A dedicated Gautrain bus route ensures quick and easy access to the new Midrand Gautrain station.


Modern business intersects an urban lifestyle with many superb eateries scattered throughout the entire Waterfall Business Precinct. A cup of Java, breakfast, lunch or dinner is always just a stroll away.


Mall of Africa provides discerning shoppers an opportunity to experience Africa and the world’s best shopping facilities, all housed in a modern retail facility bursting with top merchandise. A destination centre, as well as a local shopping world for the people of Waterfall, Mall of Africa offers the best retail experience the continent has to offer.


A healthy lifestyle is promoted at Waterfall Business Precinct with broad pavements for walking or running. A brand new gym provides the business community a chance to begin the day with a healthy exercise regime close to the office, or to end the workday with leisurely swim before returning home.