The biggest GO Waterfall app update yet is now available for all residents and employees of Waterfall. Featuring a fresh look and feel, phase 2 adds several new and updated features to make living and working in Waterfall even better.

Just over a year ago GO Waterfall was successfully launched and has since been eagerly downloaded and used by the residents of Waterfall. GO Waterfall has provided a convenient platform for residents to access content, services and Estate-related information directly from their phones. The new GO Waterfall app has all the functions you already know and love and expands on them by adding even more functionality and ease of use.

GO Waterfall is constantly changing to provide users with better experiences and become the only development-related app you, as a resident or employee, will need to get the most out of Waterfall.



GO Waterfall has added the Developments tab for users to easily view what properties are available in the Waterfall area. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, it has never been easier to join the Waterfall Residential community.

GO Delivery

The GO Waterfall app now allows residents and employees living and working within Waterfall to order food deliveries from your favourite restaurants in and around the development, with grocery delivery being added in the near future. Easily monitor the progress of your deliveries with built in delivery tracking.

Enhanced Emergency Button

The emergency feature of the GO Waterfall app has been updated to use your geo-pin location to send help to exactly where it’s needed. The enhanced feature includes four emergency categories, namely a security alert, medical alert, fire alert, and the follow-me alert, which allows residents and employees who think they are being followed, to call for a security escort to safety within Waterfall.


Residents using the GO Waterfall app are now able to not only view, but also instantly pay, their monthly City of Johannesburg (CoJ) rates and taxes account. This has been enabled through a click-to-pay function offering even more convenience to residents.

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, find GO Waterfall & download.