Attacq Limited – Response to COVID-19

On 15 March 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a National State of Disaster in response to
the global Covid-19 pandemic. Attacq applauds the swift and decisive action taken by the government
and is committed to its role in helping to effectively mitigate transmission risks.

We believe that if everyone understands the state imperative and takes personal accountability for
their role in implementing good hygiene strategies, South African businesses will be able start
establishing a new, safe normalisation in ways of working for their people and customers.

As part of our commitment to creating safe and sustainable spaces, Attacq has implemented WHO-
recommended sanitisation measures across all our assets. In addition, our leadership team met with
our national retailer tenants last week to discuss their responses to COVID-19 and ensure compliance
with recommended safety standards. Collaboratively, we decided that our retail centres should remain
open and trading currently, but with an intensified approach to hygiene control measures.

Some of the immediate and direct steps that we have taken following our President’s announcement

  • Until further notice, all marketing initiatives that will attract more than 100 people have been
  • Service providers at the mall have been instructed to supply copies of their respective
    COVID-19 business continuity plans to ensure we have line of sight of the measures they will
    implement to protect employees and customers
  • Internal protocols for our own employees have been implemented that deal with, amongst
    other things, employees who have come into contact with someone who is infected, or is
    suspected to be infected, with COVID-19.

Attacq will continue to monitor the situation and keep abreast of state-mandated requirements as they
evolve. As part of our commitment to containment, we will also endeavour to keep you updated on
any additional measures we believe are necessary to mitigate the potential for COVID-19
transmission in public spaces.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Kind regards
Melt Hamman
Attacq CEO



Click one of our Covid-19 information posters below to view a full size version or click the button to download a pdf.